As a professional, mother of four & wife of a growing business owner, I have come to believe, by experience, that a proper & restful nights sleep is one of the KEY ingredients to a successful life. Life is stressful and we wanted to start a business to compliment what we were already doing in the bedding industry. Natural materials are fundamental for today’s families and we take pride in the handmade craftsmanship of our pillows.
— Erika
V and R Naturals birthed out of a passion for perfect sleep from head to toe. Erika and I for years have watched our husbands build a brand of the best sleeping possible with Urban Mattress, and we wanted to take part in the business with our own product line. In keeping with our values of integrity, we knew that finding the perfect pillow to match the best mattresses was our gig. I’ve have never slept so well and love my VI spring but have to admit I’ve never been happy with my pillows! V and R Naturals was our goal to put the cherry on top for the best sleep experience possible. We wanted to aim for the highest quality and most favorable price for our customers and give them nothing but top of the line. I believe we did it!

It has been a dream for our two families to work alongside each other and this has been realized through Urban Mattress and V and R Naturals. Our friendship, non profit goals to bless the community and for Erika and I, our Texas heritage and sorority blood have been great bonds to make this partnership a reality. Not to mention our perseverance to be married to two stubborn

We know you will appreciate our care in finding the best materials for your pillow, and ultimately for your sleep.

to great health and sleep,
— christine van diest