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V & R Naturals birthed out of a passion for perfect sleep from head to toe. Made with the most luxurious and finest materials available for sleep.  These hand-made pillows offer you the customization to give you the perfect night of sleep.  

Now with every pillow purchased a job is created in Denver via our partnership with Mile High Workshop.  

Christine while watching her husband sell mattresses with incorrectly sized and low quality pillows birthed their passion for V & R Naturals.  They believe having the ability to customize your pillow’s raw materials with your own hands gives you the power to adjust your pillow and sleep well.  It doesn’t matter if you’re a stomach, side or back sleeper, there are infinite sizes your pillow can become, perfect for you!  

We know you will appreciate our care in finding the best hypoallergenic, antimicrobial natural materials for your pillow, and ultimately for your sleep.  All pillows come with an outer draw string bag to either store your pillow for travel or for extra fill to customize your pillow feel.  

To great health and sleep!

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