Created for the customer first

Four years ago we started this adventure of designing, testing and making the best pillows in the world.  The whole reason we started was out of frustration as a mattress retailer.  We were buying from some of the name brands, big and small.  In conversations with our reps and manufacturers we realized that those manufacturing companies didn't care about the customer, the one who sleeps with their pillows every night.  Their goal was a financial gain at the cost of what is best for the consumer's sleep.  

Former customers in our mattress stores would complain about heat and smells of chemicals in memory foam.    The pillows were either too hard or too soft.  There are so many fads of this gel or this lavender smell or this cover or that.  We even had a pillow customers tended to love but would ask if it could be a bit higher or lower in loft.  After meeting with the VP of sales, I asked him to put a $0.03 zipper on it and offer it to us for $10 more so the customer could have the power of adjusting the loft.  He didn't like that idea but came up with the idea of making a 1, 2, 3, 4 loft pillows.  He told me it is better for the bottom line. Customers would have to buy 1 to 3 pillows to get it right feel and loft and thus spending more money.  Yikes, what a rip off.  

We believe the customer knows what is best for their sleep, not a manufacturer.  

That is where V&R Naturals was birthed.  We desire to get you the best materials, no smells and put all the power of adjustability in your hands all for the best price.  

Choose your comfort.  Put the power in your hands.  One size doesn't fit all.  You deserve the best.