Pillows with a cause - Changing Lives

Alfred came to the Mile High WorkShop after years of substance abuse and homelessness. He had recently been evicted and life was beating him up pretty badly. Alfred’s a US military veteran and found the WorkShop through the local VA, who knew he could thrive in the right opportunity. When Alfred first started at the shop he worked in the fulfillment shop in a variety roles. Alfred’s goals were to find a safe place to live and a good career path. But in the meantime, he just needed good work to support himself and his efforts to get back on his feet.

Alfred jumped right in on every project, whether he was packaging maps for National Geographic or stuffing pillows for V&R Naturals.

After about 6 months in the WorkShop program, Alfred transferred to an advanced manufacturing opportunity in a different department. In the Fall of 2017 he was able to secure longterm housing and graduated the WorkShop to a fantastic job with Golden-based CoorsTek.

Alfred’s now stable, healthy and happy and one of his first steps back to self-sufficiency was manufacturing pillows. He even sleeps on a V&R pillow every night and loves it :)

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