Foam, foam and more foam pillows - Is there another option?

natural pillow.jpg

We just came back from Las Vegas Furniture Market. Its where hundreds of vendors and manufacturers show their goods to retailers from all over the world. We walk every floor, build relationships with our current retailers and are always learning and watching what the sleep industry is doing.

The big names are there along with other companies you see in big box stores and in smaller retailers. Every furniture market we attend and industry show we see the same thing over and over again. If you are looking for a Foam, block, shredded memory foam, poly foam or pre-shaped pillow with a lavender or honey smell then you’re set. That is what the sleep industry is providing you as your go to option. Most of which are not made in the USA. They know most customer will fall into the trap of buying another pillow that has this gimmick or promise. But in all reality those pillows end up in a pillow graveyard in the spare room.

When we talk to customers and those looking for a great night of sleep we keep hearing I tried this memory foam pillow or this block shaped pillow before and it doesn’t meet my unique body type and sleep needs.

We are proud of the fact that we give YOU the customer a customized pillow option for your unique sleeping style and body type AND with natural materials. No more sweaty memory foam nights. No more flat poly pillows imported from overseas. We want you sleeping clean with no fears.

If you’re looking something unique to meet your unique needs, consider V&R Naturals.