5 Things to consider while shopping for a pillow

We understand your time is valuable and you are also not one size fits all type of person.  No one is the same.  That is usually what makes shopping for a pillow so hard and a huge waste of time.  We've heard from tons of you that you already have a pillow graveyard in your guestrooms.  Tons of pillows retired to be alone that don't work for you.  You're told to look for this type of pillow for this type of sleep.  If you're a back sleeper you should consider this pillow or that pillow.  We do things a bit differently here at V&R Naturals.  

We want to encourage you to look for 5 things while shopping for a pillow so it best fits YOU!

  1. What kind of materials do you want your head to lay on?  Do you even care?  Things to consider: Natural materials verses synthetics.  Does the pillow off gas with chemicals and smells?  Some sleepers don't care. They want what ever it takes to hold their head in the perfect position for comfort, support and rest and never consider the materials they are sleeping with for 8 hours.  To be honest.....many of us in our 20's still had our pillow we got when we were in middle school.   I know gross!  First make a list of what you want and don't want near your head, eyes, hair, ears and mouth.  This will guide your pillow selection.  
  2. How do you want your pillow to feel?  Do you like a dense foamy type pillow? Do you like the stuffing of a build bear teddy bear fluffiness?  Do you want to have your head bounce up and down?  Or like most...you want a perfect blend of soft but supportive. How you answer doesn't determine what is best or not for everyone, just for you.  You are different from the next person reading this and evaluating what is the best pillow for you.  You must decide exactly what you want it to feel like
  3. What shape do you want in a pillow?  One quick google search on pillows will tell you there are tons of shapes and sizes of pillows.  Some have this weird molded bump.  While others can look a gift from outer space.  There are traditional sizes, queen sizes, and king sizes.  You need to decide what size is best to support your head, neck and style of sleep.  
  4. Who are you buying this pillow from?  Does this matter to you?  Do you care if it is a marketing company who happens to sell pillows or do you want to buy from people who dream, sleep and think pillows?  Does it matter to you if your pillows are made with a purpose or cause, made in the USA or imported from China.  Where you spend your money will match your values and desires.  
  5. What do you want to spend?  Evaluate what items previously listed are important to you.  Determine how much you are willing to spend for all natural, customizable and built with a purpose as long as it meets all your needs, values and wishes for a great nights sleep.  Some of us don't care and will just cruise down to the nearest big box store and grab the cheapest pillow or the most gimicky pillow. That is okay. It is all up to you.  

Ultimately, we believe you will know what is best for you.  You have the power to take back your comfort and sleep.  Don't listen to this schtick or that marketing ploy that says this pillow is best for everyone.  

This is why we researched, designed and tested our 6 pillows for over 4 years.  Before we listened to customers for over 10 years in mattress stores frustrated with all that was being presented.  We heard customers saying they wanted:

  • natural
  • temperature neutral 
  • no smells
  • customizable and adjustable
  • supportive but comfy
  • all for a great value and made with a purpose.

We hope you find exactly what you're looking for and if we can be a help in that journey, let us know.  Sweet Dreams!