What People Are Saying About Us

Nick Thurlow. - PT, DPT, SFMA 1

"As a Doctor of Physical Therapy I can confidently say that V&R natural pillows provide the custom support and comfort necessary to compliment the manual therapy treatment I give my patients in the clinic. Patients often ask me what they can do to gain relief from their neck and arm symptoms that increase during and/or following a nights rest. In order to compliment their home exercise program I recommend these pillows due to the ability to customize the density for each individual. In addition to every patient being satisfied, my wife (also a DPT) and I can happily recommend these pillows!"

Ashley E. - Registered Nurse

"I have been suffering from back and neck pain for a very long time due to my athletic background . I have tried over a dozen pillows over the years and have loved my pillow. I recently tried curve pillow and I am pleasantly surprised! I really like how it curves and allows my shoulder to be comfortable at the same time as the pillow supporting my neck! I would highly recommend this pillow to everyone, but mainly to someone who can't find a pillow to support your neck properly! Especially if you are a side sleeper like me! "

Chris H. - Non-Profit Leader

"I bought a V&R Pillow for my wife. She was having trouble sleeping and a friend built these pillows 'the best pillow money can buy.'" She's owned it for two years and I can attest to the truth of these claims. The high-quality materials, ability to adjust the density, and soft-touch cover all contribute to making it a top-shelf pillow."